Building Inspection

Using our design and construction expertise, we prepare budgets that reflect sensible construction techniques at current market costs. Read more

Legal Expertise

As experts in our domain, we provide resourceful answers and creative solutions to absolutely all legal queries. Read More

Project Management

We provide our clients with in-house technical expertise to lead and direct the Owner in all aspects of the project. Read More

Architectural Design

We bring a thoughtful and innovative approach, deeming that ‘successful’ architecture is based on realistic costs, schedule and design parameters. Read More

Building Code

We validate that all applicable codes as well as specific city or municipal regulations have been implemented throughout. Read More

Turn-Key Services

Turn-key services enable our clients to work with the same team from beginning to end in an efficient and highly economical method. Read More

Cost Consulting

We work closely with financial institutions and private industry to provide sensible costing and cost monitoring services. Read More

Construction Management

We work directly with the professionals who prepare and issue the documentation in order to obtain bids. Read more


We offer our clients an integrated expertise for all our services. This is how we achieve unique and outstanding results. This is how we innovate. This is how we think outside the box.