Construction Management is a method for projects where tight delivery schedules are imposed.

As this approach involves the actual awarding of contracts to the trades in phases, a general contractor’s license is required. Our separate firm, Chardonnay Construction, provides this service.

As ‘Construction Managers’ we work directly with the professionals who organize, prepare and issue all of the required documentation in order to obtain bids from the respective trades. We manage the actual construction and we also have the knowledge to assist the professionals in the issuance of the required plans and specifications. The review process and subsequent designs are thoroughly scrutinized by our team. We combine our construction expertise with clear design objectives. It is a creative yet logical way.

As construction manager:

  • We minimize the design-bid process due to tight schedules.
  • With direct communication with the owner, professionals, and GC, we simplify the design-construction process.
  • We control and optimize the cost of construction.